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So enjoyed listening in its entirety! Wonderful sound quality...beautiful voice!!! I love the pieces that you chose...they evoked all different kinds of emotions! Looking forward to a few new selections!
Tara, nice meeting you at Nighttown. You have a marvelous voice and I can easily imagine you singing some Rosemary Clooney numbers. Thanks for sharing your talent! Ciao Lou
Cry Me a River sounds soo good. Keep at it Tara :)
Tara, you have an amazing talent that God has blessed you with. I love this style of music and it is so beautiful to listen to. So refreshing to hear music like this. Your Grandma Stevens would be so proud of you! I know Grandpa Stevens is proud! I wish you well. Beautiful voice!!!!
Found you're site and all of the sudden the angels were singing! Oh, wait- That's you! :-)
Love, love, love your voice!
Your vocals are so good, such an amazing jazz vocal! Loved just having the songs playing while I was working. I love jazz music and I especially love female jazz singers and you have that kind of voice!
Sounding great as ever. Keep on singing....the world needs songs that make sense. Love you..Papa
Love your music. Will plan to come out and visit you at one of the local concerts.
Awesome! Even richer and more beautiful than ever! Wishing you the best! With hugs and prayers, kathie
Wow! I want a cd of that! I love it! I knew you could sing, but wow! What a beautiful voice. So soothing.
Love the music, make a cd!!! Did you ever look into singing at the winery in Cortland, OH ??
I enjoyed your performance @ The Wonder Bar last Friday-- you looked & sounded amazing Tara! It's been neat to watch your God-given talent grow over the years!! Many Blessings, T.
Best of luck on your new "individual" venture. Please keep me on your email list.
Merry Christmas. Working today and can't get the new songs, but can't wait to get home and listen. You both are amazingly talented. Look forward to your future collaborations! Many blessings, Rick
Saw you Laurello on Dec 12. Excellent time.
Great update! Love, love, love the music! I'm honored to be able to say "I knew her before she became famous!" Oh and by the way, I shared your link on my facebook... hope that was/is okay :) I was also VERY excited when I saw you on the upcoming entertainment at the winery on Treat Road last week! Awesome!!!
My friend and I truly enjoyed your performance at Laurello's on Friday evening. You are a wonderful team and we cannot wait to experience the joy of listening to you again...!
Tara, I look forward to another one of your performances. Your music is very soothing to listen to. You have this incredible ability to communicate emotion and make your audience feel very relaxed. I plan on coming to see you perform again soon! Lisa Hadden
We just saw and listened to you for the 2nd time & Ron & I enjoyed it very much. Again, we apologize for those few loud clientel that don't appreciate GOOD entertainment, but we genuinely and thoroughly love your music. We will be there the next time you are at the vineyard. See you then!!!! Ron and Barb Rose
I love watching you perform, and I am greatly looking forward to seeing you at the vineyard this summer sometime. I will surprise you!
if i were still gigging in Cleve, i'd hire you. nice pipes.
Great site! It was great to read the bio and listen to some music. You can tell a lot of work goes into what you do and that passion shines through. Best of luck!
Looking and sounding great. Love ya very much! -Papa
How wonderful your music is!! Tara, you have a voice like an angel. What a treat it was for Bob and I to sit and listen to your wonderful music! We look forward to treating ourselves to another evening of your music soon!!
Eric and I love your music! We can't wait to see and hear you again at Michaelangelo's in Little Italy--what a great venue! -Leann
I just luv the webpage. HOpeS to see you guys at the vineyard gigs. Someone might have to drive me home :-) -your greatest fan, wesley