Instagram Post - More to come this year!

Tara's latest Instagram Post - There is much more ahead this year!



"I love this creative candid from my Album Party by my dear friend @nicollejamesphotography ...And even though I've had to slow down due to the recent discovery that this chronic illness I've battled for many years is Lyme Disease, there's so much more to come this year! It may be going slower than I planned due to my treatments, but there will be more! More photos from the exclusive pre-release party, blogs about how each of my songs were created, and perhaps some new music videos. ;) Make sure to get your copy of my album so you can follow along and share your stories with me too! Music speaks for all of us and gives us a voice, even when we don't know what to say. I love hearing which songs especially speak to you or tell your story. #sharingourstories #celebratemusic #lymediseasewarrior (My website link is in my bio @tarahawleymusic )"