Tara Hawley

Remastered and re-released, “Golden Lady” shines brighter than ever before. 

With the grooviest of chill choruses, Tara's single "Golden Lady" not only brings the brightness of a summer's day, but reminds us of the power in allowing love to shine through our lives & realizing the exquisite potential of who we were meant to be, no matter what we've been through. Hidden like undiscovered gold, we have the potential to reveal all that sparkles & shines.

(All vocals - Tara Hawley; produced/arranged by Allan Licht & Pete Tokar at Pete Tokar Studios; words/music Allan Licht, ABL Records ©2024)

Thank you, as always, for downloading, liking, sharing, and listening! It makes a huge impact on the algorithms and how far & wide the song is heard. Available to purchase or stream on all digital platforms.

P.S. A new, summer cover single drops on 7.19.24!

In other news: Check out the Tara Hawley Catalog playlist on Spotify and YouTube for all of her essential & 'featured on' tracks in one place. Or purchase Tara's original-song album as a gift or for your own personal music collection.

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