Tara Hawley

New Single: Out Here on My Own

It's time for a cover song! Listen to Tara's new single "Out Here On My Own," written by Lesley Gore & Michael Gore; recorded & produced by Allan Licht & Pete Tokar for ABL Records ©2023. This song is a timeless expression for those who have felt unseen or alone, paving their way in the world.

Tara: "It's such a relatable message to each of us in some way or another, for me especially as an artist and one who has walked the road of chronic illness. That's what makes songs like this one so moving: they find the humanity in all of us."

Available to purchase or stream on all major digital platforms or search for "Tara Hawley" on your favorite streaming service and follow along!

Thanks, as always, for listening, favoriting, and sharing the music. We couldn't do it without you.



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