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Tara is a very special talent. I truly love all the singers I'm blessed to work with, but Tara doesn't just sing a song, she becomes the song. Her tone, phrasing, vocal coloring, emotion, diction are unparalleled. Her voice does for me what singers like Marilyn McCoo and Maureen McGovern do for me. There's a quality within her voice that moves the soul, and when she records, she puts 100% of her soul into every song she sings.”

— Allan Bradley Licht: Singer/Songwriter, Record Producer and Music Publisher/ABL RECORDS

A breath of fresh air! What can you say about a singer such as Tara that is so versatile, with so much soul and elegance. 'Ready to Give You Love' is fresh and new, but takes the listener back to the golden 70's when creativity abounded!”

— J. Beam - Reviews & Comments on Tara's Album, Stay Awhile

All of the instruments just sound incredible, and your vocals are STUNNING! AND the tunes are so well crafted! This album reminds me of the way I remember records being years ago. There weren’t just a few good tunes to jump around to. Instead, listening to the record was an emotional journey. That’s how I knew a record was good, because it made me feel that way. That’s exactly what you have done here, Tara! ”

— A.G. - Reviews & Comments on Tara's Album, Stay Awhile

New Single - My Christmas Dreams

Tara's newest single "My Christmas Dreams" celebrates the feeling of warmth and love that the season brings. Cozy up by the fire with some hot cocoa and add this one to your favorite holiday playlists for whenever you need to…

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New Single - Time Is Passing

Tara's latest single "Time Is Passing" is available now on all major digital and streaming platforms. This new, original song is a poetic reflection on the hardships and glories that encompass our most precious commodity: TIME.

It was arranged and…

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New Single - Into the Light

It's time for some new music!  Tara has recorded and released a brand-new, original single called "Into the Light." 

Written and produced by Allan Licht and recorded/produced by Grammy-award-winning producer and keyboardist Pete Tokar, this song is an homage to…

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