What people are saying about Tara:

Tara is a very special talent. I truly love all the singers I'm blessed to work with, but Tara doesn't just sing a song, she becomes the song. Her tone, phrasing, vocal coloring, emotion, diction are unparalleled. Her voice does for me what singers like Marilyn McCoo and Maureen McGovern do for me. There's a quality within her voice that moves the soul, and when she records, she puts 100% of her soul into every song she sings.”

— Allan Bradley Licht: Singer/Songwriter, Record Producer and Music Publisher/ABL RECORDS

All of the instruments just sound incredible, and your vocals are STUNNING! AND the tunes are so well crafted! This album reminds me of the way I remember records being years ago. There weren’t just a few good tunes to jump around to. Instead, listening to the record was an emotional journey. That’s how I knew a record was good, because it made me feel that way. That’s exactly what you have done here, Tara! ”

— A.G. - Reviews & Comments on Tara's Album, Stay Awhile

A breath of fresh air! What can you say about a singer such as Tara that is so versatile, with so much soul and elegance. 'Ready to Give You Love' is fresh and new, but takes the listener back to the golden 70's when creativity abounded!”

— J. Beam - Reviews & Comments on Tara's Album, Stay Awhile

Fashion Week Cleveland, which has been called 'the nation's third largest fashion week after New York and Los Angeles,' combines art, fashion, and music.  We spend a great deal of time searching for talented entertainers that compliment our stylish events.   Our grand finale event is the Cleveland Fashion Show - black tie gala, featuring top American designers, and the elegance and sophistication of Tara Hawley was just what we were looking for.”

— Donald C. Shingler - Founder and Executive Director, Fashion Week Cleveland

Tara, you have a great gift ... There is so much emotion in your voice; it is amazing what you are able to share with the world.”

— B. Hotchkin - Boston, MA

Your passion is evident.  Your exquisite touch with your music was striking to me. You have chosen to add so much color, shading, volume variations etc. that make your presentation stand out. I see a lot of work that has gone into your degree of artistry.”

— B.T. - Avon Lake, Ohio

Tara has delighted the people who have attended our events for the last two years. She first charmed her way into our hearts at the Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital fashion show at the Bertram Inn early in 2007. She has subsequently performed for us at the 'Reason for Hope' annual gala to benefit the Cleveland Clinic Neurology Institute at the Intercontinental Hotel in September 2007. We are thrilled that she will be entertaining our guests, again, at the 2008 'Reason for Hope' Ball this September. Her style is both engaging and smooth, and her presence adds an elegance to every event at which she has performed. She is extremely talented and professional. My recommendation is without hesitation!”

— Jenny Zinkan, Zinkan Charitable Foundation

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