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Stay Awhile - Album

Available as digital download, CD, or Autographed CD. Each CD comes in a jewel case with a beautiful 12-page, full-color Lyric & Photo Booklet/Insert and includes a high quality MP3 download of the entire album.

Stay Awhile

Tara Hawley

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Recorded with producer Jim Wirt (known for his work w/ platinum selling artists such as Fiona Apple and Hoobastank), Tara Hawley’s long-anticipated, original-song album Stay Awhile brings a breath of fresh air to the modern pop scene. Infused with jazz, rock, and soul, Tara’s melodic, poetic tunes (all written or co-written by Tara) don’t fall slave to current pop trends but carve out their own niche.

The first single “Ready to Give You Love" is full of trumpets, jazzy rhythms, and tight harmonies, giving listeners a glimpse of her debut record. The song—inspired by her love of jazz and the classic pop songs of the late 60’s and early 70’s—captures a vintage, upbeat vibe with a fresh twist.

Filled with deep lyrics that don’t feel heavy and catchy hooks that will keep you coming back for more, this album is another great example that traditionally crafted music can still be mainstream. Grand piano, trumpets, cello, acoustic bass, guitars, and more make these songs come to life. Giving nods to previous decades in style and delivery, Stay Awhile remains classic and refined while creating fresh vistas for its listeners. And, not least of all, Tara’s smooth, sultry vocals will quickly capture your attention as her interpretations draw you in – the perfect complement to this original material.

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What people are saying about Stay Awhile

"All of the instruments just sound incredible, and your vocals are STUNNING! AND the tunes are so well crafted! This album reminds me of the way I remember records being years ago. There weren’t just a few good tunes to jump around to. Instead, listening to the record was an emotional journey. That’s how I knew a record was good, because it made me feel that way. That’s exactly what you have done here, Tara!" —A.G. 

"Your album is truly fantastic. You should be very proud of your vision as an artist and aware of your talent."  
—Stephen R. 

"A breath of fresh air! What can you say about a singer such as Tara that is so versatile, with so much soul and elegance. 'Ready to Give You Love' is fresh and new, but takes the listener back to the golden 70's when creativity abounded!" —J. Beam

Limited Edition Tote Bag
  • Limited Edition Tote Bag
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Get this Limited Edition "Stay Awhile" Tote Bag to take the sentiment of Tara's music with you wherever you go. Perfect for carrying your things along in style and reminding you to take in the moment and stay awhile.

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Autographed 8x10 Photo
  • Autographed 8x10 Photo
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Get your very own collectible Autographed 8x10 Photo to commemorate Tara's original-song album Stay Awhile! Tara will personally autograph the black and white photo shown here when you place your order.

*If you would like it personalized, please include the name(s) in the notes section at checkout. Photos will have Tara's autograph only unless you specify name(s) for a personalized autograph.

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My Romance - Featuring Tara Hawley

Matt Skitzki - Do What You're Good At

Tara Hawley sings "My Romance" with pianist Matt Skitzki on his album: Do What You're Good At. One of Tara's favorite standards, this song was recorded together as a full, live take in the beautiful acoustics of the Church of the Western Reserve.

The song is available on iTunes, Amazon, or you can listen on YouTube.

My Romance

O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Jarrett Johnson - vocals, Tara Hawley - vocals, Matt Bissonette - bass, Gregg Bissonette - drums 

Wally Minko - producer/arranger/keyboards

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