The Art of a Song: "My Something Different"

Here we go with blog number three in "The Art of a Song" series. All the best, Tara

The Art of a Song: "My Something Different"

I’m sure we’ve all gotten to a place where we’ve been in a rut, and we just want something different. We get out of a bad relationship and find ourselves drawn to the same thing over and over again… 

So, this was me determined to break out of a rut. If I ever was going to love someone again, they should be…well, different. If I thought I knew what love was before, and I kept seeking out that same kind of “feeling,” only for it to turn into another break-up, isn’t that the definition of insanity—doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results? 

I often think of Henry David Thoreau’s quote from Walden (paraphrased very loosely here) about his wanting to live deliberately and differently to see if what he thought was living, perhaps wasn’t really living at all—that he didn’t want to die and realize he’d actually missed life. And I wonder if that just might be true for most of us in regard to life, love, careers, habits, friendships, even the way we eat or drink our tea or coffee. We live inside our preconceived notions, our comfort zones, our familiarity, and what if we are missing out? What if we could see things differently, love differently, and be loved differently? 

So, when I wrote this, I knew I really wanted to capture the excitement of a fresh outlook and the joy of finding it. I love how the recording came out and captures some retro vibes too! The harmonies were SO fun to record on this and, honestly, on the whole album. We even recorded our own snaps! Yep, that’s Jim and me snapping away around a microphone. Super fun!

I hope you enjoy this song, and maybe it will give you some courage to look at some things or someone else in a new way—just shake things up a little bit and find out how much wonderful life there is out there. Each day is a blessing—a precious gift. Your something different might be waiting right around the corner of uncertainty. Go ahead and make that turn. You just never know what beautiful thing is awaiting you.

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