I Am Enough

I am told I am so many things that I begin to believe them, gathering up these “definitions” of who I am, and then I struggle to keep up with everything or everyone around me, finding myself defining my worth in those ways. But I am not my hair, nor my skin or my body. I am not a college degree, nor a skill set or title. I am not an illness, nor a disease. I am not who I was yesterday, nor who I’ll be tomorrow. I am not what I do, nor how busy or not busy I am each day; being a human being is enough. I am enough. You are enough. We have been wonderfully crafted by the Creator to be exactly who we are supposed to be. Sure, we aren’t perfect. Yes, we need grace daily. But we are enough in the eyes of our Heavenly Father as He looks at us through the saving grace of Jesus, as one of His beloved children. ♥️ Say it again with me: “I am enough.”

• Psalm 139 •

In His Love,


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