1. Every Day

From the recording Stay Awhile

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-Every Day-

I wake up and I look at you
I watch you sleep
You're beautiful in every way

I think if I could stay right here
And feel you breathe
This love would always stay

But life floods us with distractions
And we might be far away
But all the things that I am needing
You can give me every day

I don't need expensive things
I just want to feel your heart
Miles may come between us dear
But you can make them disappear
All I really need is to hear from you

My love for you, it grows
And I need for you to know
It's not about you being more
'Cause all you have to give to me
Is all I'll ever really need
Just let go

Tell me what you feel inside
'Cause I can see
All the love when you are here

When I look into your eyes
Your love's so strong
It almost takes away my fears

Just wait until tomorrow
But I can't get past today
If love is in your heart then tell me
Show you love me every day
Every day, every day
Every day

℗&©2017 Tara Hawley. All rights reserved. Lyrics used by permission.
Lyrics by Tara L. Hawley; Music by Jeffrey J. Soukup ©2011
Piano – Tara Hawley, Electric Bass – Alan Gleghorn, Drums – Jon Richey,
Electric Guitar – Andrew Cushman, BGVs – Tara Hawley
Arranged by Tara Hawley & Jim Wirt
Produced, Recorded, Mixed by Jim Wirt, Mastered by John Naclerio

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